Carlos Carulo was born in 1950 in Chile. He studied Architecture at the University of Chile and Fine Arts at the Arts and Technological College in Bradford, England In 1977, after painting his way through Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Lima, Sweden, Spain and Holland, Carulo joined the artist community of Santa Fe, NM. Critics have acclaimed his meticulous paintings and sculptures calling them "surrealistic," "chilling," and "high-tech" because of the way he combines hard edges, soft washes and glazes to create unique works. Carulo takes viewers with him on a trip through time -to the past and to the future -to experience the timeless mysteries of worlds, known and unknown. Carulo recently returned to Santa Fe after three years in Chile.


Carlos Carulo P.O. Box 23089 Santa Fe, NM 87502-3089 Tel. (505) 982-5856 E-mail:

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