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Mobility Quad, LLC



Mobility Quad LLC
3478 High Ridge Blvd, Byrnes Mill, MO 63049

Phone 314-623-5388




 Mobility for everyone

4x4 Mobility Quad is also known as an UTV (Utility Task Vehicle)
Mobility Quad is used to transport handicapped people in a wheelchair or transport cargo via a system that fits inside the cargo area

  • ADA Compliance

  • CNC technology

  • Wheelchair mobility

  • 4x4, posi locking deferential front and rear

  • Cargo capacity 1100Lb

  • Can be customized to meet your needs

  • Accepts small pallets

  • Veteran owned


Custom Built for you! Fabrication starts at $7,000

Price chart here

Our best selling Mobility Quad. Businesses are now able to be ADA compliant...

Power ramp

Wheelchair Golf Cart - Paralyzed - Joystick - Control - Steering - Throttle - Brake - Handicap - Golf Cart - Adaptive ATV - Adaptive UTV - Handicap ATV - Handicap UTV

The Americans with Disabilities Act